Bicycle Club of Philadelphia

Here's how to sign up for BCP's Spring Event online.
Please read this entire page before proceeding.

We use a secure and insured service to accept payments. Signup consists of these easy steps.

  1. Please read and agree to the waiver, at the bottom of this page.
  2. Please provide ALL contact information on the Registration Form, e.g., phone number, email address. These details are important, if the Event Organizer (Linda McGrane) needs to contact you about your reservation.
  3. If you know that you will be traveling with a particular roommate, please provide that roommate's name. (If you would like to travel double occupancy and need to be paired with a roommate, enter "Please assign" for name of roommate.)
  4. If you and two or three friends or family members would like to travel TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE occupancy (3 or 4 in a room), please contact Linda McGrane (267-251-7862, or ), re. the special rate. Please provide the names of all roommates. The hotel's double rooms have two queen-size beds. A cot may be added to a double room.
  5. If several of your friends or club-mates are also planning to register for this trip, please contact the Leader (Linda), re. availability of the number of rooms required by your whole group. Rooms are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. Please indicate your entree choice for Saturday dinner in the space provided on the form. If two friends or a couple are registering together, that's fine, but please indicate BOTH entree choices on the dual registration, e.g. chicken for one partner and fish for the other.
  7. If you have any special issues, e.g., dietary restrictions, allergies, need for novice-level rides, etc., please complete this section on the form.
  8. FOR COUPLES: If you and your partner will be riding a TANDEM bike, please indicate this on the form, so that we can try to request a first-floor room for you.
  9. If you are able to volunteer in any way, e.g., leading a ride, helping with set-up, etc., THANK YOU! Please indicate your availability in the Volunteering section on the form.
  10. Confirmation of your registration will be sent via E-MAIL. You will receive a confirmation & welcome letter with the hotel's contact information & location, driving directions, itinerary, etc., by email. This confirmation will come from Linda A. Cyclist.
  11. Some of our guests have more than one e-mail address, e.g., one at work, and another at home. On your registration form, please indicate your PREFERRED (or primary) email address.
  12. Please allow 7-10 days after registering to receive your confirmation materials. If you have not received a confirmation by 10 days after registering, please call Linda McGrane right away, at 267-251-7862 or .
  13. On the next screen, enter your name, phone number, E-mail address, etc. Important: please provide the name and phone number of someone we can call in case of emergency.
  14. On the payment screen, verify the appropriate amount. You'll then be linked to the secure server to make that payment.
    (Once there, if you pay by credit card, you'll need your 3 or 4 digit Card Verification Number CVN Help)

  15. Bicycle Club of Philadelphia Release

    In agreeing to this release for myself or for the named applicant, if applicant is under the age of 18, I understand that participation in Bicycle Club of Philadelphia ("BCP") activities is at my own risk. I acknowledge that I am aware of the risks and dangers inherent with such activities and knowingly and willfully assume the risk of injury resulting there from and approach and encounter this risk freely and of my own accord. I understand that supervision, training or oversight may not be provided by BCP with respect to all sponsored events and activities. Participation in BCP activities constitutes my representation that (1) I am in good health, (2) I agree to obey all traffic laws and regulations and practice safety and courtesy in cycling, (3) I agree to wear an approved safety helmet on all BCP sponsored rides, (4) my bicycle is in good and safe mechanical condition, and (5) I acknowledge that BCP and its directors, officers, members, contributors, sponsors, ride leaders and other event coordinators of BCP are not insurers of my personal safety or property and do not assume any liability for personal injury or property loss sustained during any BCP sponsored events or activities. By signing below and in consideration for being allowed to participate in any BCP sponsored event or activity, I fully release BCP and its directors, officers, members, contributors, sponsors, ride leaders and other event coordinators of BCP from any liability specifically including but not limited to liability for their negligent acts, stemming from or relating to past or future BCP sponsored events or activities. I have read this notice and understand that I am releasing certain legal rights that I may have. I understand that I assume all risks in participating in BCP sponsored evens or activities and voluntarily sign this release evidencing my acceptance of these provisions and conditions.